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Poster: unclejohn52 Date: Nov 4, 2011 5:51pm
Forum: sports Subject: Re: What Sports Teams Do You Follow?

What is this, a quorum of Mets fans?

I've been a Mets fan since moving to Queens from Detroit in 1977, leaving my Tigers behind. I would second Arb's assessment of the team's management, esp. GM/managerial decisions and free agents have been terrible, let alone the Madoff investments. I don't hold out any hope that they will make rational trade/investments in the near future. The new stadium is all about food, not the ball game - never seen so much eating and drinking... don't know why anyone even bothers to come to the game, no one's even paying attention...

Don't get me started on the indoor sports. The NBA is a total snooze, and the din nowadays with music blaring over any break in the action... hockey suffers from the same BS. Pro sports today is a sham and a waste of money.